Brain Outcomes and Lifestyle in Down Syndrome


We are looking for adults (ages 25-55) with Down syndrome who are interested in learning how what they eat impacts their risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Adults with Down syndrome and a caregiver will be asked to attend up to 2 visits at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and 1 remote visit. Study visits will include assessments of how the person with Down syndrome’s brain works, what types of foods they eat, a blood draw, and a brain imaging scan. Adults with Down syndrome who complete the study may choose to enroll in a subsequent weight loss study.


  • Age 18-65
  • Have a diagnosis of Down syndrome
  • BMI 25 to 45kg/m2
  • Have a caregiver who routinely interacts with the person with Down Syndrome and is willing to attend a study visit.

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Jessica Danon, Coordinator