KU Weight Management Program Options

Traditional Weight Management Program

The Traditional Weight Management Program is a two-phase program. Phase 1 is structured for weight loss and phase 2 is structured for weight maintenance. These two phases allow us to apply a research based, long-term approach for  a healthy lifestyle change.

Phase I: Weight Loss

There are two structured portion control diet plans in the weight loss phase.

  1. Low Calorie Plan (LCD) consists of 5 portion control options and 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.
  2. Very Low Calorie Plan (VLCD). This is a medically monitored, liquid only diet that consists of 5+ portion control shakes per day.

In Phase 1 of the Traditional Weight Management Program all participants follow their structured meal plan of choice, increase exercise, and attend weekly classes for accountability and behavior change.

Phase II: Weight Maintenance

Once your health goals are achieved in Phase 1 you transition to Phase 2. In this maintenance phase, you move from your highly structured weight loss diet plan, to a more individualized, adaptable and long-term nutrition plan.

  • Phase 2 classes are held biweekly and offer continued accountability and education for meal planning and long-term exercise habits. The style of nutrition and exercise plan for weight loss is different than the style of nutrition and exercise plan for weight maintenance and Phase 2 provide the skills and knowledge you need to achieve weight maintenance.


Nutrition Counseling and WEL Program


We offer individualized and small group nutrition counseling from a licensed dietitian to provide specialized recommendations or dietary modifications. Nutrition counseling is an option to utilize either in addition to Phase I and Phase II (recommended), or in place of one of our traditional programs. 

Nutrition counseling is a valuable option for those in need of one-on-one support for weight management or those with specialized (e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free) diet restrictions.

How to Join

If you would like to learn more about our programs we offer 1 hour orientations to review program details and answer any questions you may have about the program. If you would like to schedule an orientation, please call 913-945-8184 or email weightloss@ku.edu.

You can also apply here and we will contact you soon to set up an orientation.

Location and Class Options

Traditional Weight Management Program

The weekly classes for the Traditional Weight Management Programs are offered at three locations throughout Kansas. These locations include the KU Medical Hospital Campus in Kansas City, KU Medwest in Shawnee and the Life Science Laboratory in Lawrence. Most classes are held during the evening hours with one 12:00 pm option in Kansas City.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is offered at our medical clinic in at the KU Medical Hospital campus in Kansas City, KS during regular business hours.

Program Expenses

Medical Monitoring

Participation in all programs requires physician clearance. With the Very Low Calorie plan or if you have a complex medical history ongoing medical monitoring will be part of your weight loss plan. The KU Weight Management Physician services are billed to insurance as a general practitioner and are covered by most commercial insurances, Kansas Medicare and Medicaid.

Traditional Weight Management Program

The Low Calorie Plan and Very Low Calorie Plan require an initial 6 month (24 week) commitment for $484. This expense covers a start-up materials and 6 months of classes. In addition, the portion control meals will vary between $45 and $95 per week.

Nutrition Counseling and WEL Program

Nutrition counseling appointments with a registered dietitian are clinical services billable to insurance and are covered by most commercial insurances, Kansas Medicare and Medicare. The WEL Program is small group nutrition counseling and has a $100 materials fee. Biweekly classes for the well program are billable to insurance.