The KU Weight Management Programs

Formally known as the KU Weight control research Project (WCRP), the KU Weight Management Program has been helping people lose weight for over 30 years.

The Weight Control Research Program has two divisions:

          1) Clinical

  1. This includes weight loss and weight maintenance programs that are developed by research, a licensed MD and a registered dietitian

          2) Research

  1. Externally funded projects by awarded funds from various grants
  2. View our current studies to see if you qualify for one of our research weight loss opportunities at Current Studies

For clinical and research programs we use an all- inclusive approach to address all aspects of weight loss and weight maintenance. These methods include nutrition, physical activity and behavior change. We approach weight management as a lifestyle change.


Program History

The Weight Control Research Program (WCRP) started at the University of Nebraska – Kearny 30 years ago and transferred to the University of Kansas in 1997. The WCRP researches dietary, behavior, and exercise-based strategies and their effects on long term weight management.

In 2003 the clinical weight management program was created. This is a for fee service to serve individuals who do not qualify to participate in intensive research studies and is known as the KU Weight Management Program. This program offers a structured approach to weight loss that is supported by medical monitoring, structured diet plans, weekly accountability and behavior change classes.