You are invited to join the new International Weight Control Registry (IWCR).

What it is:

The International Weight Control Registry is an online research project that will help identify the most successful weight loss strategies for different population groups worldwide. It is a new approach that starts with real people and experiences. People like you. 


You are eligible if you are 18 years or older and have lost weight (whether you subsequently regained your weight or not) or are interested in losing weight. 

How it Works:

A team of experts from 5 top research Universities has built this advanced registry to help create the next generation of weight loss science discoveries. If you join, you will be among the first to receive news and updates on the IWCR’s work and insights, as well as access to social media channels reserved for our participants.

Our Gratitude:

We realize this is a significant time investment. Your efforts will help many others, as well as qualify you for access to a community of like-minded people across the world that you can be among the first to join.

In addition, the first 2000 participants who complete all questionnaires will receive a $25 electronic gift card.

Please consider enrolling. You can become an important part of a new on-line community contributing to the science of lasting weight loss, building better practical knowledge and support.

Help change the world of weight loss science by sharing your story. Please join now.