The KU Weight Control Research Program has helped me accomplish something that I have failed to do time and time again over decades on other programs -- change my eating and exercise habits from unhealthy to healthy. The program has been easy to follow with good results. I lost over 35 pounds in 6 months and I now exercise regularly. I plan to continue on the program until I have lost a total of 70 pounds.

This program is a BIG change, requiring your dedication AND support from those around you. In 20 weeks, I have 1) lost almost 15% of my body weight, 2) blood pressure down from 138/88 (with drugs) to 106/68, 3) cholesterol down from 168 (with drugs) to 112, 4)lost FOUR pants sizes and 5) learned lots about myself and why I overeat.

What makes this program work for me is a structured plan that is easy to follow, tangible results that include not only weight loss but other improvements in health including lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, the excitement that comes from dropping 3-4 clothing sizes, a phenomenal group of supportive participants in the program who encourage one another, and a leader who is a knowledgeable professional nutritionist who strives to make the program educational and fun.

Things are going well. I went and bought a pair of jeans over the weekend and I bought a size 10. I have not worn that size in years! I just felt so happy!! That was my goal that I thought would never happen...seriously a size 10! When I started this program I bought a size 22. I am so happy so happy!!